Nancy & Betty Studio is an independent design brand, created by Hannah Bidmead. After studying Fine Art (BA) Hons, Nancy & Betty Studio was founded and is based in the Kent countryside, near Canterbury, England. We're now a small team and celebrating our 15th year of bringing whimsical design and quality products to your home. 

Our luxury eco friendly Christmas crackers are handmade in Kent, England by our talented team of elves, care and love goes into each cracker. Designed for your table and to be enjoyed by you and your guests, we have crackers for a variety of budgets and different themes. Complete the table with matching placemats and cotton napkins. 

Beautiful, whimsical designs, often influenced by the English countryside (and Beatrix Potter) can be found on our wrapping paper, gift tags, matchboxes and tree decorations. 

Stocked in the finest stores in Great Britain and around the world, our thoughtfully designed and made products are perfect for your home and to help celebrate Christmas.

If you were wondering where the name Nancy & Betty comes from, well, Hannah's grandma was called Nancy and her twin sister called Betty, born in the 1930s. They were even in a Pear's soap adverts because they had beautiful skin!