6 Ways to Have an Eco Friendly Christmas

July 22, 2020

6 Ways to Have an Eco Friendly Christmas

We all want to play our own part in being kinder to our environment, and the festive season is so often filled with excess and waste that this can put us on the wrong side of Santa’s list when it comes to being eco-friendly. We believe that having a greener Christmas should be an easy change where you don’t have to compromise any style or fun- just use more reusable and sustainable items. So, here’s our tips and tricks to help your festivities become ever-greener.

Eco Friendly Christmas Crackers

Our passion and pride and joy- Christmas Crackers just add that extra dash of fun to your Christmas dinner; but often after the figgy pudding is finished, they all simply go in the bin. Nancy and Betty’s Christmas Crackers are a little different though, we use plastic-free gifts in each one and we try to make sure that they’re likely to be used rather than thrown away. Every other part of our Christmas crackers is recyclable too- apart from the beautiful ribbon tying them together, but ribbon can be reused for so many fun boxing day crafts!

Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts are meant to show thought and care towards a person- but they can also be kind to the environment. Try to find things that is likely to be kept and used for a long time, or that can be passed on. It’s tempting to buy the latest toy that comes out, but it’s likely this will be grown out of quickly. Find something that will last, be loved and preferably something that could be recycled if it is ever thrown away.

Eco Friendly Christmas Cards

Receiving a Christmas Card is a really special moment- handwritten greetings are becoming so rare that festive cards have become a really nostalgic and meaningful tradition. You don’t need to trade in those beautiful festive scenes for e-cards just yet- we have a selection of stunning Christmas cards made with sustainable card stock and vegetable-based inks. For a fun and eco-friendly craft- you could even turn all your Christmas cards into a collage, or put them in a scrapbook to keep forever and not waster them.

Eco Friendly Christmas Decorations

Deck the halls with eco-friendly Christmas ornaments may not be quite as catchy, but it’s definitely better for the environment and can make your home even more festive- and it doesn’t have to cost the world. The best way is to invest in better quality ornaments made of fabric, metal or glass that will last longer than the typical plastic decoration. You may even find yourself with a new family heirloom. You could even start your collection with some of our stunning and quirky plastic-free Christmas ornaments.

Eco Friendly Wrapping Paper

Almost every family goes into boxing day morning with “the bag”- the big bin bag filled to the brim with wrapping paper covered in non-recyclable glitter, and almost everyone will walk past it with a resigned sigh. Not anymore- you can get hold of beautiful and sustainable wrapping paper that can be fully recycled, or better yet- reused, and you’re present will be the belle of the ball under the tree.

Eco Friendly Christmas Tree

There is a lot of debate around the most sustainable Christmas tree to rock around, so it’s really up to you to choose the best option for your home in the holidays. If you want a real one, make sure you compost it afterwards, or rent one that can be potted with roots and then replanted so the tree stays alive. If you’re after the hassle-free artificial style, then try to reuse it as much as you can and buy from second-hand sites- or create your own style of tree using recyclable materials. Decorate with sustainable ornaments and you’re good to go.


There are so many ways to make the season just a little more sustainable, without having to spend a lot or give up cherished family traditions- you never know, you may just find a new one that will be reused for generations to come.